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J.D. Flynn

Drupal developer by trade, geek by choice, getting stuff done in the Chicagoland area.

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Welcome to my little corner of the web

You can find my insights on website and web application development, other passions, or random musings sorted into neat little piles for your reading enjoyment.

Recent Posts

The One About the New Project

It's easy to get sucked into work and not find a creative outlet. Even if our work as developers is generally creative, we can easily get lost in it and, in...

Guess Who's Back

When we last left off, I was a little green (read: big head, little skill) to the world of professional web development. Although I've been developing since ...

Securing Your Sites for HTTPS

The world is a dangerous place. There is a lot of information out there, and some of it is more sensitive than the rest. Your name, your emails, your passw...

JSON-LD Markup Generator

The JSON-LD Markup Generator is an ongoing project that allows you to enter in information and generate some schema.org markup that you can insert into email...

The Unbelieveable Beauty of JSON-LD

Before the release of HTML5, the classic tags that the search engines had to sift through made it difficult for them to decypher just what content belonged t...