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J.D. Flynn

Drupal developer by trade, geek by choice, getting stuff done in the Chicagoland area.

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About Me

I hate writing about myself…

But, I guess that it helps a bit to have a little about me to make me seem like less of a highly advanced AI and more of a very simple human.


I programmed my first app in QBasic on MS-DOS 5. It displayed a list of songs and the user selected which one they wanted to listen to and they got it played back in beautiful, monophonic tones generated by the system.

I started developing websites when I found out that one could build their own website, including my Geocities and Angelfire pages that were full of images, sound clips, and webrings. After high school, I fell out of it and into something completely different and I did that for 10 years, but I always had a spot in my heart for programming.

A few years after realizing that my past life wasn’t for me, I returned to school, took a development class, and instantly knew from my first <!DOCTYPE html> tag that I wanted to get back into website development and learn everything I could possibly learn. This brought me to where I am now, a remote Drupal developer working from my very own coworking space.

I have contributed to Drupal 7 and 8, and helped organize MidCamp, the Midwest Drupal Camp in Chicago.

Other Stuff

I’ve always been the walking definition of a nerd, but I was also in denial of it for the longest time. I tried hard to ‘fit in’ with the other kids to the point that I stopped doing what I enjoyed in favor of doing what was ‘popular’ in a nerdy manner which was even worse. It wasn’t until many years, many awkward situations, and many self-realizations later that I gave in and let my nerd flag fly.